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Our Commitment to Teamwork at Elmwood Terrace

Teamwork is an important aspect of everyone’s experiences, whether it involves your favorite sports team (Go Hawks!) or at a skilled nursing facility like Elmwood Terrace. No matter what the venue, it is important that all departments function as a team.

Providing you with excellent short term care, as a team

Skilled nursing facilities have many different departments that function as one in order to provide quality care that residents need and deserve. Elmwood Terrace utilizes department managers to direct and deliver care for each department, with each department responsible for certain aspects of residents care to ensure that the goal of completing rehabilitation and returning home is achieved.

If one piece is omitted, it can result in longer stays or inability to achieve complete rehabilitation. For example, residents admitted for wound care require dietary and nursing personnel to work as a team to ensure that appropriate diet and supplements are added to promote wound healing.

Teamwork is crucial for all staff, from maintenance & housekeeping to therapy & nursing

Maintenance may need to install a special mattress to the bed to prevent wounds from worsening and to promote healing of existing wounds. A resident admitted for short term rehabilitation that involves delivery of physical, occupational, or speech therapy requires a team approach from all disciplines.

Housekeeping may need to be involved in ensuring that when a room is cleaned, bedside tables are put back in special locations to aid residents in being as independent as possible. Nursing must document resident progress or impairments, allowing therapy services to tailor their programs to residents’ specific strengths and weaknesses.

Pay our team a visit!

Elmwood Terrace understands how important teamwork is to promoting quality healthcare with the opportunity to recover and return to the home setting.  We encourage you to drop by anytime to visit our team and see them in action! You can also schedule a tour or contact us for more information today!

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