Dialysis Treatment in Aurora, Illinois

Elmwood Terrace Nursing Home OfficeElmwood Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is proud to offer excellent dialysis treatment in Illinois and we are dedicated to providing guests with compassionate and high-quality medical care. Each of our guests receives an individualized care plan crafted around you and your family’s unique needs.

We are the only short-term care facility in Aurora, Illinois to offer in-house dialysis treatment. This means our guests can receive their dialysis treatment at our newly renovated “Dialysis Suite” without having to take an extra trip to another facility, disrupting their daily routine.


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Meet the Elmwood Terrace Diaylsis Team

Aurora, Illinois Dialysis TreatmentThe dedicated nurses and staff at Elmwood Terrace are like an extended family to our residents and guests. We work closely with a team of local physicians and specialists in the Aurora, IL community.

Our on-site dialysis treatment is affiliated with Fox Valley Dialysis, and Dr. Navinchandra J. Dodhia of Dryer Medical Clinic, specializing in dialysis treatment at Elmwood Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Other general practitioners who assist our guests here at Elmwood Terrace include:

  • Dr. Malkan Patel – IPC, Medical Director
  • Dr. Wael Abdo – primary care physician, IPC, Rush Copley Medical
  • Dr. Sifatur Sayeed– on staff at Mercy Hospital
  • Dr. Mohammed Ali – primary care physician at Mercy Hospital
  • Dr. Abdul Qadir – General Practitioner

We also have physician coverage from Preferred Podiatry & Audiology, Geriatric Vision, and Advanced Psychiatry & Counseling with psychiatrist and NP coverage. We love living and working in Aurora, and we love serving our guests at Elmwood Terrace.

The Basics about Dialysis

What is dialysis?

Dialysis is a life-saving medical treatment designed to replace many of the kidney’s crucial functions, such as purifying and balancing the liquids in your body.

What does it do?

Dialysis treatment does the following things:

  • It helps control blood pressure
  • It balances chemicals in the blood such as potassium and sodium
  • It removes toxins and waste from the blood
  • It removes excess fluid and salt from the blood

Who needs dialysis?

Elmwood Terrace Short Term Care Aurora, ILDialysis is necessary for those who experience temporary or permanent kidney failure. Kidney function is typically measured by an individual’s GFR (glomerular filtration rate).  The GFR helps doctors evaluate how well the kidneys are working.  Kidney failure is usually diagnosed in those with a GFR below 15.

In the case of someone with a less severe form of kidney failure, dialysis also functions as a life-support treatment that will temporarily replace kidney function while kidneys heal.

In the case of chronic or end stage kidney failure, the kidneys will not recover and dialysis will be necessary for the remainder of the individual’s life unless they receive a kidney transplant.

Dialysis at Elmwood Terrace in Aurora, IL

Elmwood Terrace is committed to providing the best possible dialysis care. We are the only short-term care facility in Aurora, Illinois offering on-site dialysis. This makes the dialysis process convenient and comfortable. Guests will not have to worry about being transported to other facilities or upsetting their daily routine.

5-Star Medicare Rating for Quality Measures and Patient Care

Thanks to our recent multi-million renovation of our entire facilities, we’re proud to announce that Elmwood Terrace has been awarded a 5-Star Medicare Rating for Quality Measures and Patient Care. Our modern upgrades that helped us achieve this rating include:

  • A remodeled dialysis suitePrivate Rooms in Aurora, IL nursing home
  • Updated therapy rooms
  • New computer systems and updated technology
  • New flooring and lighting
  • Beautiful new woodwork throughout
  • New outdoor patios
  • A fruit and vegetable gardens for our guests to enjoy
  • Individual climate control in all guest rooms

Our Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Located at:
1017 W Galena Blvd
Aurora, IL 60506

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and we’d love to give you a tour of our updated facility. Schedule a visit today! If you are interested in dialysis treatment for yourself or a loved one in the Aurora, IL area, call us at 815-590-3690.