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Elmwood Terrace Nursing & Rehabilitation Center: Who We Are and What We Do

We are Elmwood Terrace Nursing & Rehabilitation, a short term rehabilitation facility that is smaller than most facilities in the Aurora, IL area but big enough to provide quality healthcare for individuals of all ages. Whether you need short term care that emphasizes therapy services for improvement in physical and functional areas (Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy) and skilled nursing care or long term care for daily nursing assistance and oversight of chronic health conditions we can assist you.

Sub-Acute Care for After The Hospital

It often takes a “village” or many different players to manage health problems and to negotiate through the reimbursement side of health care. Hospitals or acute care settings are often mandated to manage the number of days anyone stays resulting in the need to discharge home with services or to a sub-acute setting such as Elmwood Terrace.

Short Term Nursing Home with Personalized Rehabilitation

“Nursing homes” are no longer where people go to spend the remainder of their life but rather the place where more individualized short term rehabilitation can occur with less pressure to discharge before you are ready. When you do go home, our team will make sure everything is in place and encourage you to call us if you begin to have difficulty. Coordinating care in this manner results in a more successful and permanent transition from Elmwood Terrace to your home.

Let Us Help Get You Home

We are very proud of being a part of all of our resident’s successes and invite anyone interested in hearing more about Elmwood Terrace to call us or fill out a contact form today!

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