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How To Know If A Loved One Needs Short Term Care

Deciding to send a loved one to a short term care facility is never an easy choice, but sometimes it is the best thing you can do for your loved one or yourself. If you or a loved one needs help recovering from an injury, surgery, or illness, short term care can often provide better resources and faster healing. Here’s what you should know:

When can your loved one recover at home?

If your loved one has a minor injury or illness that requires rest, but no expert care, they may be fine recovering at home. Staying at home means your loved one will be comfortable in their normal surroundings and have more independence. If you are sure that your loved one can rest and recover without aid or any further injury, this may be a good option. Consult a doctor to get an expert recommendation.

When should you choose long-term care?

Long-term care is best for those with chronic conditions that will not go away. The situations that call for long term care will vary, but some examples include people with advanced Parkinson’s disease, those suffering from dementia, or patients who need sophisticated medical equipment and treatments each day.

When is short-term care the best option?

Short-term care is an excellent option in many situations. Your loved ones get to rest and recover in a safe, monitored environment with expert care. Short-term care lets patients regain their independence without risking their safety or slowing down the recovery process.

There are many situations where short-term care is a good option. Some examples include:

  • Your loved one is transitioning from a hospital stay and needs a little bit of extra recovery time before returning home.
  • Someone needs physical therapy each day in order to regain independence and skills that are needed for being safe at home.
  • Someone with serious wounds that need regular dressing and monitoring.
  • Someone who normally lives with family members, but who will be alone for a period of weeks during a business trip or vacation.
  • Patients who need speech therapy as they recover from a stroke.
  • Any patient who needs temporary help bathing, preparing meals, getting dressed, or safely moving around.

Short-term care facilities are focused on giving your loved one the expert care they need in a safe environment while helping them regain their independence. Short-term care is focused on helping patients recover as quickly as possible so they can return to the comfort of their own home.

Your loved ones deserve the best. To learn more about short-term care and recovery, visit Elmwood Terrace.

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