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As a member of the Elmwood Terrace care team, located in Aurora, IL I meet with potential patients in order to determine whether or not their particular condition would benefit from a stay at our facility. I often have to explain to them what a skilled nursing facility is, and in particular, what Elmwood Terrace has to offer in terms of services. This is because the type of care we offer at our facility is provided with a view to patient rehabilitation. Ultimately, we want our patients to be able to safely return to the comforts of their own homes.

Why Transition to Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation?

The most common question patients ask us: Why do I even need a skilled nursing facility?

After a prolonged hospital stay, many patients would prefer to return home and perform the recovery exercises recommended to them by the hospital therapists. It can be frustrating for them because they feel as though they are leaving one medical environment only to reside in another.

My response to that question is this: If the best option for the patient in terms of successful recovery was to return to their home, then the doctor would have advocated for this. However, if the doctor endorsed consistent and intensive therapy, then obviously a short term stay at a skilled therapy facility will be most beneficial for the patient in the long term.

The Benefits of Short Term Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation

An extended hospital stay is both time intensive and expensive, and because of this, both the hospital and the patient tend to agree that the patient should not be there for longer than is necessary. Once the hospital has provided the level and extent of care required to ensure the patient is on a solid path to recovery, the goal is for the patient to be able to get the type of rehabilitative care that will facilitate their being able go home. Sometimes the patient can go directly there and receive help in home. Other times, it’s necessary for them to receive further treatment at a skilled nursing facility.

A skilled nursing facility allows the patient to receive additional therapy and clinical care so that they can meet all of their therapy and rehabilitation goals, and to ensure that they are in prime condition to succeed at home. By doing this, the likelihood of the patient relapsing and having to be readmitted are dramatically decreased.

Improve Quality of Life with Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation

The common objective of all healthcare facilities is to address the patient’s clinical issues in the most efficient and productive ways possible. The hospital, skilled nursing facilities, or home health support services do not believe it is beneficial to keep a patient in their care longer than is clinically necessary.

The ultimate goal is to resolve any of the lingering issues the patient may be experiencing in order to increase overall quality of life and thereby prevent the patient from enduring a cycle of hospital visits in the future. Although the last place most individuals would like to transition to after a hospital stay is a skilled nursing facility, sometimes it is a necessary safeguard which helps to secure a patient’s future health, wellbeing and independence.

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