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What Activities Are All About at Elmwood Terrace Nursing

At Elmwood Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation Center we offer the best activity programs in the Aurora, Illinois area that focus on physical, cognitive, sensory, expressive deficits; spiritual services and community outings; activities that allow for family and our residents to participate is social events. We also offer evening and weekend activity programs. Programs are divided according to patient functional levels and residents are divided into high, medium, and low groups. One on one visits are also offered and are held three times a week throughout the day.

Wide Variety of Activities

We recognize the importance of residents having the opportunity to choose from meaningful options which can significantly influence a sense of well-being. We at Elmwood Terrace individualize resident experiences which is a crucial pathway in order to offer meaningful activities that reflect preferences and encourage residents to explore and choose from activity options that places emphasis on functional strength while improve weaknesses. Individual choices are often taken for granted but Elmwood Terrace is all about “choices” and we do this by taking resident suggestions for activities resulting in improvements in the resident’s quality of life.

What Nursing Home Activities Can be Done When in Poor Health?

Even if poor health limits their options, there are still many activities to enjoy. Puzzles provide stimulation that helps with cognition. Bingo, board games, crafts, karaoke, skits, and chair exercises are other types of activities that can improve socialization and interaction with others.

Upcoming Activities in Illinois

Now, that spring is here Elmwood Terrace activity department is preparing for more exciting outside activities: Bon Fires, Shopping, Fishing, Brookfield Zoo Outing, and Attendance at Cougars Game, Gardening, and much more.
The Elmwood Terrace Activity Department is very proud of being a part of our resident’s successes and improved quality of life.
We invite anyone interested to call us or to fill out a contact form for more information.

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