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What’s the Difference Between Acute Rehabilitation and Subacute Rehabilitation?

The rehabilitation of a patient’s post hospital stay can vary in a myriad of different ways. Some patients may be able to go directly home, others may have to go to a facility in order to continue their rehabilitation. The two most common types of rehabilitation arenas are acute and sub-acute. There are very distinct differences between the care and how it is provided at each of these settings.

Who Needs Acute Rehabilitation?

The patients whom will qualify for a stay within an acute rehabilitation facility/unit will be those that benefit from intensive multidisciplinary rehabilitation. Patients on acute rehab units will be expected to do at least 3 hours of therapy daily.  Patients who have had traumatic injuries such as a stroke, or suffer a debilitating disease can benefit from acute rehabilitation, as can patients who have had certain types of surgery, such as amputation. In an acute rehabilitation program, patients receive physical, occupational and speech therapy as needed.

Who Needs Subacute Rehabilitation?

Subacute rehabilitation therapy room in IllinoisThe admitting criteria for a subacute rehabilitation facility are going to be less rigorous than in an acute setting. As long as patients have therapy potential, and have a doctors order citing the need for subacute placement they should qualify. Patients can require a subacute stay for a variety of reasons; Complex wound care, therapy, IV therapy, malnutrition etc… The most therapy patients may receive within a given day in subacute setting is 3 hours, although usually patients will be receiving around 2 hours a day, if they are able. The average length of stay at a subacute facility is also generally longer than at an acute rehabilitation center.

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Elmwood Terrace Subacute Rehabilitation Center IllinoisEvery facility is going to have different aesthetics, and different features which make it unique. The best way to get the honest representation of a facility is to go on a 5 minute tour and take a look for yourself. Elmwood Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Aurora, IL offers tours 7 days a week and no appointment is needed so contact us today!

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