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Illinois Skilled Nursing Services at Elmwood Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation in Aurora, IL

As a member of the Elmwood Terrace care team, located in Aurora, IL I meet with potential patients in order to determine whether or not their particular condition would benefit from a stay at our facility. I often have to explain to them what a skilled nursing facility is, and in particular, what Elmwood Terrace… View Article

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What’s the Difference Between Acute Rehabilitation and Subacute Rehabilitation?

The rehabilitation of a patient’s post hospital stay can vary in a myriad of different ways. Some patients may be able to go directly home, others may have to go to a facility in order to continue their rehabilitation. The two most common types of rehabilitation arenas are acute and sub-acute. There are very distinct… View Article

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Our Commitment to Teamwork at Elmwood Terrace

Teamwork is an important aspect of everyone’s experiences, whether it involves your favorite sports team (Go Hawks!) or at a skilled nursing facility like Elmwood Terrace. No matter what the venue, it is important that all departments function as a team. Providing you with excellent short term care, as a team Skilled nursing facilities have… View Article

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Meeting Nutritional Needs and Providing Customer Satisfaction for Nursing Home Residents

Is it possible? Whether you are dining in a restaurant or dining in a short term care center in Aurora, IL, GREAT FOOD and GREAT SERVICE are the basic essentials in providing a quality meal. Our chef and dietary team at Elmwood Terrace Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Aurora, IL focus on these basic essentials to… View Article

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What Activities Are All About at Elmwood Terrace Nursing

At Elmwood Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation Center we offer the best activity programs in the Aurora, Illinois area that focus on physical, cognitive, sensory, expressive deficits; spiritual services and community outings; activities that allow for family and our residents to participate is social events. We also offer evening and weekend activity programs. Programs are divided according… View Article

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Elmwood Terrace Nursing & Rehabilitation Center: Who We Are and What We Do

We are Elmwood Terrace Nursing & Rehabilitation, a short term rehabilitation facility that is smaller than most facilities in the Aurora, IL area but big enough to provide quality healthcare for individuals of all ages. Whether you need short term care that emphasizes therapy services for improvement in physical and functional areas (Physical Therapy &… View Article

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