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100 years On?

100 Years ago today “The War To End All Wars” began. WWI as my father always referred to it holds no romanticism for me for several reasons. First is the craziness of such a thing happening, A World War, for gosh sake and secondly is the fact it certainly didn’t end all wars as we… View Article

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CNA’s, The Importance of the Front Lines

In the U.S. there are over 700,000 certified nursing assistants providing care and personal assistance to residents in long term care facilities. These are the people who ultimately are responsible for the quality of care throughout the system. This type of work takes a special kind of person with a special innate form of patience… View Article

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Social Media as a Recorder of our Family History

Most who know me know that I am a big fan of Social for business, for keeping in touch with old friends and family. This week one of my cousins began the task of transferring all of our important scanned family photos and documents from myfamily.com to a new family facebook page she created. If… View Article

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